Dear participants,

On behalf of our association, we started preperations for the 2nd Hematology Education and Research Congress with a great excitement. We have established a congress program with our board of directors and members to offer you the best scientific content on 19-22 November 2020. The Hematology Education and Research Congress, where clinical studies and innovations of today and tomorrow will be discussed, will host valuable scientific activities. We will share our clinical experiences, opinions and projects with our pioneering colleagues in the international arena. As it should be in our scientific program, there will be sessions on topics that are rapidly changing, developing and therefore closely followed; we will have the opportunity to listen to the special legislations of Ministry of Health in the field of hematology. Multicenter retrospective and prospective clinical trial data will be an important part of our congress.

We would like to express our best wishes to all participants and hope to meet you online conference.

Best regards,

Burhan Turgut, MD        Düzgün Özatlı, MD
The President The Secretary